Juneau-Douglas City Museum

My grandmother used to have this long, baby blue jacket, with a large hand sewn pocket on the inside that she wore everywhere. Jokingly she referred to it as her “shoplifting pocket”, but really it was for her sketchbook. She carried a sketchbook with her just about every day of her adult life. Although I don’t have mine sewn into my jacket, I have made it part of my everyday life to keep a sketchbook with me. 

Not all the sketches I’ve chosen to exhibit are resolved drawings. Some are detailed, while others are more gestural – reflecting the moment I was in while drawing. It was a challenge for my type-A personality to show something unfinished, but I wanted the imagery to be truly representative of my life at this time. 

The moments that have stood out to me as significant are the ones where I can be totally present. The sketch of an old fashioned wood stove isn’t my way of saying that stove is what’s important, but rather the moment I was in while drawing it.